Additional Services Provided by Window Washing Companies

Should Window Cleaners Provide Additional Services?

There are many window cleaners who add additional services to their company. Some add snow shoveling and removal, some add pressure washing, and some even add Christmas light decorating services, but is this healthy for the business and the customers of these companies?

First, let’s understand why many owners decide to add these services. Typically window washing is a seasonal business unless you are in the southern states. If you live in the north, Midwest, or Northeast, then the cold and snow will keep window cleaning to a minimum during these months.

It’s difficult on these companies to keep their employees working through slow seasons, so adding these additional services will create a positive cash flow rather than a loss, and even a possible loss of employees.

Snow shoveling or snow plowing does not take much skill or talent, so if you hire for this, as long as the company is reliable, then they should work out just fine.

Pressure Washing is a service most window cleaners provide becasue typically after pressure washing is done, windows need to be cleaned to clean the mess left behind. Typical window washing companies concentrate on small pressure washing jobs like homes, roof washing, and driveways and garages. If you are looking to have a commercial parking garage pressure washed, then hiring a company dedicated to only pressure washing may be ideal.

Lastly, many companies hang Christmas lights and holiday decorations during November and December. This is an ideal compliment to a window cleaning company. Window cleaners have safety knowledge and skill when it comes to ladder safety and reaching roof eves. High access is what window cleaners do best, so utilizing them to access you roofs, and eves to hang Christmas lights or do gutter cleaning makes perfect sense.

Hanging lights can be dangerous, let the professionals do it for you to prevent an accident or serious injury.

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Window Cleaning Prices

Window Cleaning Prices

When you start the search for a window cleaner to come into your home or business, what are some of the questions that immediately pop into your mind?

“Who should I hire”, is obviously the first question.

“How much will I pay to get my windows cleaned?”

“Can I find someone who will get it done in my scheduled time frame, or this week?”

“Who is the cheapest?”

“Who is the best window cleaner?”

“Is this company insured?”

Home Sweet Home and Beautiful Windows to Boot!

These all are GREAT questions to think about when you are wanting to hire the best service providers for your window washing project, but is price really that important?  A study showed that most qualified companies prices are all within 5% of each other.  This means if you take 30 minutes to call around for the best prices on window cleaning, you may be saving $5 – $10 max.  Is it really worth your time to find the cheapest company?

Here is a quick story to help understand the importance of paying professionals to do their job.  A lady told me that she got a quote for window cleaning price on her house of $100.  She and her husband wanted to save $100, so they decided to do it themselves.  While doing the work, her husband fell, and broke his hip.  They accrued over $40,000 in medical bills because they were wanting to save $100.  It truly pays to use a professional technician in everything you do in life.

When hiring a cheap window washing company, you better make sure they are well qualified to complete the job you have for them.  If they will be coming to your commercial building or your house, are they insured?  This is NOT something you want to take for chance!

Finding companies online when searching for window companies can help you weed out the small companies that tend to cut corners, and may not be fully insured.  If a company is listed towards the top of Google, then they are typically a company that has been around for a long time, and are trustworthy to come into your home or office building.

Our suggestion if you are looking for the best window company in town is A Team Window Cleaning:

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Window Cleaning Reviews

Why You Should Trust Top Rated Contractors

Why You Should Trust Top Rated Contractors

Trusting a company to do work at your home or place of business can seem a little uneasy.  If you’ve have no idea who you are talking to, or you do not have a friendly neighbor to steer you in the direction of a trusted window cleaner, then how do you pick one that will get the job done as advertised, show up on time, and be professional?

Obviously start searching on Google, Yelp, or other search engines that post reviews.

Carefully read through the reviews.  Not all information on there is entirely accurate.

Always remember, people either love or hate their experiences.  It’s pretty rare to find on in the middle somewhere.

You may see reviews where customers said they waited for hours for the contractor to show up, or the job was scheduled but they never showed up.  These are red flags sometimes.  There are many customers who schedule services with companies and forget who they scheduled that service with!  There are some that write or “remember” the wrong date or time a contractor was supposed to show up.

If you see a negative review, see if the owner responded.  Typically a good owner will respond to reviews.  Especially the bad ones. I even read a review one time where someone posted to never do business with a certain company because all the employees were on drugs! A 1 Star review!  Looks horrible right?  Wrong! The owner responded and noticed that the guy who wrote the review had been fired from that company because he failed a drug test.  He further stated that all employees of his company need to pass drug testing.  So when you read further, you may find out that this owner was really trying hard to keep a good company, and make sure the workers were drug-free, and respectable technicians.

Another site to read window cleaning reviews on is Customer Lobby.

Typically if you get the chance to speak with the owner of a company and he or she seems genuinely passionate about what they do you will have nothing to worry about.

5 Star Reviews


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How to wash windows

Window Washing Made Easy – How to Wash Windows Like a Pro

Window Washing Made Easy – How to Wash Windows Like a Pro

Washing your windows might seem like a simple task, but the truth is it’s a task better left for professionals. The appearance of a home from outside actually says a lot about its value and the kind of people living in it. Having clean windows is a great way to ensure your home retains its brilliant looking exterior. Clean windows also make your abode sparkle from within thus further adding value to your property.

Window Washing Process

If you’re looking to wash your windows like a professional, then you need to have the right tools for the job. This includes a scrapper, high-quality squeegee applicator, microfiber clothes and washing bucket.  You can typically find this equipment at Home Depot, Lowes, or an Ace Hardware.  Ensure the squeegee is a 10″ – 16″high-quality stainless steel or brass squeegee. If you’re working on pretty tall windows, you’ll also need to have an extension pole and quality window scrubber.

Though you can wash window at any time, the best time to clean your windows is when the weather is cool, cloudy day. It’s not recommended to wash windows on a sunny day because they will dry out very fast leaving streaks.

The process: fill your washing bucket with lukewarm or cool water and add a little amount of dish washing soap. Then wipe away any debris or cobwebs on the window. Dip your applicator into the washing bucket and get rid of excess water by gently squeezing it. Wet your windows using the applicator and scrub. You can use a scraper to remove stubborn spots, ensure that your windows are wet when doing so.

If you want a streak-free window, you can use a dry rubber blade by placing it against the top part of the window and pulling down smoothly. Use a rag to dry the blade after each stroke. Repeat the process until your window is clean and dry.  If you don’t have enough time to clean your windows, you can always hire a window washing service to do the job for you at an affordable cost.

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