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Window Cleaning Prices

When you start the search for a window cleaner to come into your home or business, what are some of the questions that immediately pop into your mind?

“Who should I hire”, is obviously the first question.

“How much will I pay to get my windows cleaned?”

“Can I find someone who will get it done in my scheduled time frame, or this week?”

“Who is the cheapest?”

“Who is the best window cleaner?”

“Is this company insured?”

Home Sweet Home and Beautiful Windows to Boot!

These all are GREAT questions to think about when you are wanting to hire the best service providers for your window washing project, but is price really that important?  A study showed that most qualified companies prices are all within 5% of each other.  This means if you take 30 minutes to call around for the best prices on window cleaning, you may be saving $5 – $10 max.  Is it really worth your time to find the cheapest company?

Here is a quick story to help understand the importance of paying professionals to do their job.  A lady told me that she got a quote for window cleaning price on her house of $100.  She and her husband wanted to save $100, so they decided to do it themselves.  While doing the work, her husband fell, and broke his hip.  They accrued over $40,000 in medical bills because they were wanting to save $100.  It truly pays to use a professional technician in everything you do in life.

When hiring a cheap window washing company, you better make sure they are well qualified to complete the job you have for them.  If they will be coming to your commercial building or your house, are they insured?  This is NOT something you want to take for chance!

Finding companies online when searching for window companies can help you weed out the small companies that tend to cut corners, and may not be fully insured.  If a company is listed towards the top of Google, then they are typically a company that has been around for a long time, and are trustworthy to come into your home or office building.

Our suggestion if you are looking for the best window company in town is A Team Window Cleaning:

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