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Why You Should Trust Top Rated Contractors

Why You Should Trust Top Rated Contractors

Trusting a company to do work at your home or place of business can seem a little uneasy.  If you’ve have no idea who you are talking to, or you do not have a friendly neighbor to steer you in the direction of a trusted window cleaner, then how do you pick one that will get the job done as advertised, show up on time, and be professional?

Obviously start searching on Google, Yelp, or other search engines that post reviews.

Carefully read through the reviews.  Not all information on there is entirely accurate.

Always remember, people either love or hate their experiences.  It’s pretty rare to find on in the middle somewhere.

You may see reviews where customers said they waited for hours for the contractor to show up, or the job was scheduled but they never showed up.  These are red flags sometimes.  There are many customers who schedule services with companies and forget who they scheduled that service with!  There are some that write or “remember” the wrong date or time a contractor was supposed to show up.

If you see a negative review, see if the owner responded.  Typically a good owner will respond to reviews.  Especially the bad ones. I even read a review one time where someone posted to never do business with a certain company because all the employees were on drugs! A 1 Star review!  Looks horrible right?  Wrong! The owner responded and noticed that the guy who wrote the review had been fired from that company because he failed a drug test.  He further stated that all employees of his company need to pass drug testing.  So when you read further, you may find out that this owner was really trying hard to keep a good company, and make sure the workers were drug-free, and respectable technicians.

Another site to read window cleaning reviews on is Customer Lobby.

Typically if you get the chance to speak with the owner of a company and he or she seems genuinely passionate about what they do you will have nothing to worry about.

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