There are many window cleaners who add additional services to their company. Some add snow shoveling and removal, some add pressure washing, and some even add Christmas light decorating services, but is this healthy for the business and the customers of these companies?

First, let’s understand why many owners decide to add these services. Typically window washing is a seasonal business unless you are in the southern states. If you live in the north, Midwest, or Northeast, then the cold and snow will keep window cleaning to a minimum during these months.

It’s difficult on these companies to keep their employees working through slow seasons, so adding these additional services will create a positive cash flow rather than a loss, and even a possible loss of employees.

Snow shoveling or snow plowing does not take much skill or talent, so if you hire for this, as long as the company is reliable, then they should work out just fine.

Pressure Washing is a service most window cleaners provide becasue typically after pressure washing is done, windows need to be cleaned to clean the mess left behind. Typical window washing companies concentrate on small pressure washing jobs like homes, roof washing, and driveways and garages. If you are looking to have a commercial parking garage pressure washed, then hiring a company dedicated to only pressure washing may be ideal.

Lastly, many companies hang Christmas lights and holiday decorations during November and December. This is an ideal compliment to a window cleaning company. Window cleaners have safety knowledge and skill when it comes to ladder safety and reaching roof eves. High access is what window cleaners do best, so utilizing them to access you roofs, and eves to hang Christmas lights or do gutter cleaning makes perfect sense.

Hanging lights can be dangerous, let the professionals do it for you to prevent an accident or serious injury.