Window Cleaning is Life for Serious Professionals

When hiring a technician to provide residential or commercial window washing services, always consider hiring the more expensive operation.  This may sound backwards, but think about the reasons behind higher prices before you hire a company.

Window Cleaning and Pricing - Does Lower Really Mean Better?
Window Cleaning and Pricing – Does Lower Really Mean Better?

1) Companies that are too cheap may not have all the insurance needed in case of an accident, or if something were to be broken, or if theft occurred.  These are 3 different types of insurance!  If an worker is injured on site and the company does not have Workers Comp insurance, then you will be sued.  If the company dropped some heavy equipment onto your building and caused major damage, this is general liability insurance.  If water was left on by the contractor and caused thousands of dollars in water damage, then is this covered?  If the technician onsite stole a computer, a wedding ring found on a desk, or something else, this is Theft Insurance.  Typically, the lowest priced companies skim on their insurance, so be ware!

2) A higher priced company typically has so many jobs, they many not even need your business.  These companies typically have supervisors and managers, and maybe even a General Manager to make sure the job goes as planned.  Companies who are the lowest priced, may only have 1 or 2 workers where a larger company can bring out a crew of 5  to 10 employees who can accomplish a large building in a day or two.

3) Lower prices typically are provided by a company or a solo-working company who are trying to get into a marketplace.  They are inexperienced, sometimes unreliable, and their name doesn’t mean as much to them as a company who has been around for 10+ years.  Me ware when hiring the lowest bidder for your project, and maybe think a few extra hundred dollars may be well worth the price.  Peace of mind is well worth the price tag!

TruVue Window Cleaning is an excellent example of how a company should be run.  They are in Toronto, ON Canada, and they provide some of the most excellent services when it comes to commercial window cleaners.